“How do you feel when you marry your ideal?”*

From: Rosebery – Statesman in Turmoil (2005), by Leo McKinstry:

“(Frances, Countess of Warwick, known as Daisy) quite openly assured Rosebery that he was ‘what schoolgirls call “an ideal”, but whether he returned her devotion remains a matter of conjecture…

In early 1900 during the Boer War Rosebery travelled incognito to Paris, where he met Daisy for a few days. She recorded that they dined tête-à-tête, and he also invited her to share his box at the theatre. Unfortunately, anti-British feeling was at its height, and as soon as the former Prime Minister was recognised by the audience, ‘a menacing growl’ went round the theatre. ‘Very soon there was a tap on our box door and the Chief Inspector of the Paris Police came to warn us that it would not be safe for us to leave the theatre by the usual way. He had brought with him an escort of police to protect us while we escaped by a back way before the crowd could realise we had gone. By this time the whole theatre was calling out: “A bas les Anglais! Vive les Boers!” ‘.”

ERIC SHACKLE of Sydney, Australia, wrote at Nimble Nonagenarians on 30 October 2011:

“You’d have to be pretty long in the tooth to remember a

catchy pop tune of the 1920s called *Ever So Goosey.

 It was written by two Australians, Wright Butler and

Raymond Wallace, and was performed by Ray Starita

and his Ambassadors Band.

Here are the lyrics of what was called a comedy song:”

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