J. Clarke and Sons Dairies (I)

From the website of Twickenham Park Residents Association:

“The former dairy of J. Clarke & Sons on HILL RISE, south of the centre of Richmond, retains its complete early twentieth century tiled interior including half a dozen excellent but unsigned pictorial panels of pastoral scenes.

The Clarke family moved from Paddington to Richmond in 1890 to take over the dairy business that had already been established at 14 Upper Hill Street Richmond. The premises known as Sudbrook Farm Dairy were initially started in 1852 and managed by William Lillywhite who was succeeded by James Gait who had married Lillywhite’s daughter Mary Ann. William Lillywhite died in 1874 aged 77. Mary Ann Gait (his daughter) died aged 48 in 1884. Her husband James continued the business for several years before selling to Josiah Clarke and moving to Petersham.

Josiah Clarke is listed on the 1891 census with his family in Upper Hill Street, Richmond. Josiah had married Helena Conroy in London in 1866 and over the following twenty years raised a dozen children.

The Clarke family by 1901 had expanded their dairy business and had opened a second shop in the newly constructed Cambridge Parade in Richmond Road, East Twickenham. The census shows the family living above the shop. The premises were jointly used as a sub Post Office being staffed by his daughters.

The Clarke family as part of their expansion into East Twickenham developed the meadow area off Park Road and established the Home Farm. They also acquired 18 Park Road as a temporary residence before moving into the larger property named Park Lodge also in Park Road.

Home Farm off Park Road would appear to have supplied nursery milk with the majority of the milk supply coming from Petersham and also Harrow Farm, Shepperton which was managed by George Gait, we presume a relative of James Gait the previous owner of the Richmond premises…

…The original Richmond shop remained open throughout, although its number in the road changed to 84. Many of the original shop’s features remain to the present day as can be seen from the decorative tiles (see image) which were originally present in all J Clarke and Sons shops…”

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