J. Clarke and Sons Dairies (II)

From the website of Twickenham Park Residents Association:

“…The Clarke’s opened their next dairy shop close to Kew Gardens Railway Station. The property was at 7 Station Parade, with their competitor H E Hornby opening a rival shop at number 16 (see image).

Milk was sourced locally and also from a number of Dairy farms in the Home Counties. Use was made of the extensive railway network for milk churns to be delivered from farm to Richmond Station for collection by the dairy.

1911: The census shows the Clarke family resident at Park Lodge. Sadly Josiah’s wife Helena died here in 1908. At the time the census was taken Josiah was in Liverpool.

Josiah Clarke’s eldest son James Clarke managed the other Richmond dairy shop at 44 Friars Stile Road. James had married Edith Hannah Tomlinson in 1906 and they ran this branch for a number of years…a shop in East Sheen and a Chiswick branch at 329 High Road, which had been renumbered 283 High Road by 1907. The Chiswick Branch was one of the first shops to open and was managed by Josiah’s son Albert Edward Clarke. The shop closed around 1914 and eventually became United Dairies . Albert Clarke moved to Beacon Hill Dairy Hindhead Surrey.

A further shop at 271 Upper Richmond Road had opened by 1909. This branch was originally operated by Josiah Clarke’s son Ernest Baldwin Clarke and his wife Mary.

Josiah Clarke’s son Nelson married July 23rd 1913 Kathleen Charlotte Lovell. He continued to manage the 380 Richmond Road, East Twickenham branch but moved home to 97 East Sheen Ave, Mortlake…

Josiah Clarke died on 12th June 1917. The family run business was then amalgamated with their main rival F & H E Hornby. The new company became Hornby Clarke Ltd…”

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