No. 49 Pelham Street, London SW7

From: Survey of London: Volume 41, Brompton. Originally published by London County Council, London (1983):

“…The construction of the deep-level Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway (now the Piccadilly Line), which was begun in 1902, produced yet another extension to South Kensington Station on the frontage to Pelham Street…A range of two-storey shops, called Station Buildings, was erected shortly afterwards on the frontage to Pelham Street to the east of the station, but was demolished in 1973. At the present No. 49 Pelham Street, on the east corner of the entrance to Thurloe Square, an electricity sub-station was built in 1904 to serve the needs of the railway. (Leslie) Green designed an elaborate Baroque building for the site with four storeys of flats above the sub-station, but in the event only the ground storey was completed. Two more floors, in red brick and stone with bow windows to Pelham Street, were added in the early 1920’s to the designs of Stanley A. Heaps, architect to the Underground Electric Railways Company, to provide a dining club for the company.”

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