“Where the Rainbow Ended”*

From Wikipedia:

Where the Rainbow Ends is a children’s play, originally written for Christmas 1911 by Clifford Mills and John Ramsey. The incidental music was composed by Roger Quilter.

After “Where the Rainbow Ends” was first staged, Clifford Mills quickly turned the story into a novel, which saw a number of editions.
In 1921 the play was made into a film, directed by Horace Lisle Lucoque. It was one of Roger Livesey’s first screen performances.”

*Christopher Fowler wrote at christopherfowler.co.uk on 1.2.11:

“I think you’ll like this story. It’s also true.

In ‘Paperboy’ (just reissued with an updated cover mentioning my award-win) I spoke about childhood books. There was one particular book that intrigued me. It was the fantasy ‘Where The Rainbow Ends’, a book considered ideal for every young child’s bedroom. One illustration showed a girl being yanked into a shadowy forest by homunculi with razor-sharp claws, her pale arms striped with crimson scars. It was captioned ‘Rosamund Is Dragged Into The Black Wood By Imps’ (later she gets tied to a tree and left for the hyenas). The book was by Clifford Mills. It started with four children, a lion cub and a genie, and ended with a battle between St George and the dragon.

In an effort to reacquaint myself with part of my childhood, I tried to find the particular edition I had owned at the age of seven, but although other editions turned up over the years, I never found it.

Then one day I advertised for it on the internet, and a lady in Sevenoaks said she had a copy, and would sell it to me. When it arrived, I opened it – and there on the first page was my name, transcribed when I was seven.

My mother had had friends in Sevenoaks, and my brother used to visit a playmate down there. Somehow the original book had been taken there and left all these years, to await rediscovery…”

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