Matt Brown

Image: Elstree Aerodrome.


“M@ is probably the most London-obsessed person in the world, reaching parts of the capital others can’t reach, while mixing up slogans from beer commercials. In the cause of exploring London, he has waded along the buried River Fleet, spent the night in a haunted plague pit, caught a lung infection by climbing Soho’s tallest steeple and walked along the tracks beneath Leicester Square at 2am. M@ has lived in Blackheath, Borough, Greenwich, Weybridge, West Hampstead, Fortune Green and Chalk Farm. Thanks to the capital’s obscene property prices, he’s since gone into exile in what he optimistically refers to as “The Future London Borough of Elstree and Borehamwood”. It’s just a bit west of Barnet, since you ask.
Matt is author of London Night and Day (2015) and Everything You Know About London Is Wrong (2016), and several other books in the Everything You Know… series.
NOTE: Matt is Editor-at-Large of Londonist. That means he used to be editor, but has now stepped back to spend more time with his Oyster card. Please only contact him with (a) invitations to unusual locations like sewers, rooftops or dungeons; (b) invitations to give a talk (he does like talking); (c) random questions about the history/culture of London. There’s no point sending him press releases or product pitches as he feeds them to his imaginary dog.”

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