“The Dairymaid/Said, “Fancy!”/And went to/Her Majesty./She curtsied to the Queen, and/She turned a little red:/”Excuse me,/Your Majesty,/For taking of/The liberty,…”*

*from “The King’s Breakfast(1924-5), by A.A. Milne.

From speel.me.uk:

“The most magnificent building along Holborn is J.W. Waterhouse’s Prudential Building, a massive Gothic pile in his favourite bright red terracotta, and in the courtyard of this building is an excellent monument, which is the Memorial to the Prudential men who fell in the Great War. It is one of the most perfect sculptural pieces of the period, in terms of the quality of the figure sculpture, the composition, and the sentiment, but by virtue of being under an arch and a few yards away, is unseen and probably unknown by most of the many passers-by.

The memorial centres on the collapsed figure of a soldier with a pair of angels above him. This stands on a square granite plinth, around the short column of which are scrolly panels with standing girls – figures of Victory – at the corners. The sculptor was F.V. Blundstone.”

From Historic England entry:

“The 1914-18 War Memorial is now relocated to the north-east corner of Waterhouse Square. Bronze memorial plaques are nearby, flanking the entrance from Waterhouse Square to Leather Lane. These latter commemorate the 1939-45 war.”

From OCS.com:

“Frederick William Goodliffe set up The New Century Window and General Cleaning Company as a sole trader. In 1912, his eldest son, Gilbert, joined the business as a junior clerk aged 14. He was followed by his second son, Tom, in 1920 and his third son, George, in 1928. Frederick’s sons were pivotal in the formation of a new company, Office Cleaning Services, in 1930. And when Frederick handed the business to them, their shared leadership pushed us into a new era of expansion and diversification…

…The last decade has seen us transition from being a family-run to a family-owned business as we appointed our first non-family CEO. A lot has changed since 1900, but our purpose remains the same: to provide expert tailored support that adds value to our customer’s business, delivered with care, time after time. Today, more than ever, this means finding sustainable solutions that care for our colleagues, our communities and the environment.”

A little too late for me not to take this photograph, a representative of OCS toddled out of a doorway, saying apologetically, “Sorry, our managers don’t allow photography.”


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