From Finsbury to Islington

From the website of IslingtonLife:

“Anticipating the increase in population, terraces of Victorian housing were built in back streets off the main thoroughfares, with Finsbury’s population peaking in the 1860s with 108,000 inhabitants. Other significant buildings in the area include Moorfield’s Eye Hospital (1899), the Leysian Mission, City Road (1904) and Ironmonger Row Baths (1931).

In 1900 the parish of St Luke Old Street Clerkenwell joined with its western neighbours, the parish of Clerkenwell to form the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury following a reorganisation to London’s administration. Finsbury was later absorbed into an enlarged Borough of Islington in another restructuring of local authorities in 1965.”

In 2012, Linda Carey, University of East London & London Metropolitan Archives, created the website Finsbury Work and Play, writing:

“…a walk around part of London’s EC1 area, taking in the old borough of Finsbury and the edge of Shoreditch. In one sense these two areas don’t exist any more: they were merged with Islington and Hackney in 1965. But Finsbury and Shoreditch have been parishes of London since the Middle Ages, and they’re still seen as distinctive areas on maps, in place-names – and especially by the people who live there…”

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