The former Monseigneur Grill, 16-17 Jermyn Street, London SW1


“The Jermyn Street Theatre opened in August 1994 and was built in the basement changing rooms of the former 1920s Le Monsignor Restaurant, later to become The Spaghetti House Restaurant, and now the Getti Restaurant, at a cost of £280,000 which was donated by 56 British companies including a major donation from Laings Builders.

In 1997 the Theatre was further developed with the help of a National Lottery Grant from the Arts Council.

This small but successful Studio Theatre seats up to 80 people and its stated aim is to ‘provide talented new actors, directors and writers with the opportunity to be recognised and given a platform in smart, comfortable surroundings, and with other members of the profession.’

With its mix of plays, music, comedy, cabaret, and magic the Jermyn Street Theatre could be said to be carrying on the spirit of Music Hall and Variety in the modern era, albeit on separate nights. The Theatre is licensed and includes a small Bar Area.

You may like to visit the Jermyn Street Theatre’s own Website here.”

From the website of the Theatres Trust:

Jermyn Street Theatre

“Theatre in the basement of a 1920s building formerly famous as the Restaurant Le Monsignor (later the Getti Restaurant), situated within what was once the changing rooms for the male staff. It was converted in 1994 by the Society of Theatre Artists and General Entertainers with sponsorship of various kinds from British companies, and in particular from the developer Howard Jameson. In 1997 efforts were further rewarded by a National Lottery Grant. The theatre relies on voluntary staff.

The entrance is through a set of double doors to the left of the restaurant, under a box canopy bearing the name of the theatre and the masks of comedy and tragedy, and down a steep staircase to a small box-office area which leads directly into the 80-seat plain studio theatre. It has a small bar area.”

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