“Little boy, rise!”

From: The Changing Scene (1937), by Arthur Calder-Marshall:

“…However high the standard of learning was raised, the opportunities would still be much about the same. You have to beat all the other boys in the form, and then you’ll get on. Get on! Little boy, rise! That is the theme song of capitalist England. The parents, sick of their own environment, swearing that if they can help it, their children shall not suffer what they themselves have suffered, are among the loudest to sing that song. That’s what they’re meant to do. Each family is running its own candidates for advancement in the social scale. Right from the start at home and at school, underlying all friendships, is this inducement to disunion: under capitalism the individual rises at expense of his fellows. Culture is a ladder, not a mountain. Each individual scales it rung by rung, not roped and helping others at each stage…”

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