“Ship them off to Ireland and let good old Great-aunt Dymphna sort them out”*

*from a review at goodreads.com by Michael Fitzgerald on 1.7.14 of The Growing Summer (1966), also published as The Magic Summer, by Noel Streatfeild. Wikipedia: “In 1968 London Weekend Television produced a six-episode serial of The Growing Summer, with Wendy Hiller as Aunt Dymphna (sheknows.com:”From the Irish name Damhnait, meaning fit or eligible.”) It was filmed in Bantry (Bantry House), in Ahakista and near Kilcrohane on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in County Cork, Republic of Ireland.”

From Wikipedia:

“Ballybunion or Ballybunnion (Irish: Baile an Bhuinneánaigh) is a coastal town and seaside resort in County Kerry, Ireland, on the Wild Atlantic Way, 15 km (9.3 mi) from the town of Listowel.

Ballybunion has two main beaches, divided by the Castle Green. The Ladies Beach is to the right and the Men’s Beach to the left – names given to the fact that both sexes swam on separate beaches on the orders of the local parish priest, who walked it daily ensuring the rule wasn’t broken. Further to the left of the Men’s beach lies the Long Strand, a 3.2 km stretch of sand, overlooked by the sand dunes of Ballybunion Golf Club.
In the summer, Ballybunion attracts tourists, and the beaches near Ballybunion are a common surfing site, with a dedicated surf school on the Men’s Beach. Other traditions include seaweed baths, featuring sea water with serrated wrack. The town itself has a number of restaurants, pubs and cafes, and schools. There is also a statue commemorating the golfing visit of Bill Clinton. This was the first statue of Bill Clinton on public display in the world.

Ballybunion Golf Club was founded in 1893 and is home to arguably one of the best links courses in the world. There are 2 courses, the Old Course and the Cashen Course, both situated beside the beach. The club hosted the Murphy’s Irish Open in 2000 and Palmer Cup in 2004.

Stack Park is situated off Sandhill Road, and has an unofficial walk-in entrance off Central Park (mobile home part off Kit Ahern Road). This floodlight pitch provides training & matches for many divisions of players (incl under 8s, 10s, junior, and senior) as well as ladies football.
The Ballybunion team are called the Beale team, named for a small townland a couple of miles up the coast from Ballybunion. The Beale colours are green with a red stripe.

Ballybunion Health & Leisure Centre opened in 2007 and is situated on Kit Ahern Road.”

Ballyheigue is 26km from Ballybunion:

From Wikipedia:

“Ballyheigue, officially Ballyheige (Irish: Baile Uí Thaidhg – meaning Settlement of Tadhg) is a coastal village in County Kerry, Ireland. It is approximately 18 km (11 mi) north of Tralee on the R551. It is a scenic locale which forms part of the Wild Atlantic Way and has many miles of beaches that connect to Banna Strand to the south, and Kerry Head to the north. It has an active community who run many events throughout the year including the Half on the Head (Kerryhead Half Marathon) in June and an annual summer festival in July.

Ballyheigue had a population of 2,068 in 2016. Ballyheigue comprises the DEDs of Ballyheigue and Kerryhead.

Notable people:

Richard Cantillon, economic theorist and coiner of the term entrepreneur.
Don O’Neill, fashion designer.


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