Changes to road layout in London WC2

Information from Transport for London:

“From 19:00 on Thursday 19 until early afternoon on Sunday 22 August, Aldwych and the Strand will be closed to all traffic while Westminster City Council carries out works to permanently change the road layout.

Aldwych’s one-way system will be removed and become two-way for traffic and the Strand will become a space for pedestrians and cyclists between Lancaster Place and Surrey Street, with only residents, staff of businesses and those with off-street parking able to access the area using a vehicle between 10:00 and midnight.

While this work takes place, roads in the surrounding area are expected to be busy and delays are expected. Use alternative routes and leave more time for your journey.

From Thursday 19 August, several bus routes will be changed due to the new road layout. Some buses will need to take a slightly different route and bus stops will be relocated. Information will be in place at all stops and ambassadors will be on hand to help you find your way.

More details about the scheme can be found by visiting Westminster City Council’s website or signing up for their updates.

For the latest information on how roads are operating in your area, check before you travel. Once the new layout is in place, please take care as all road users, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists get used to the new layout.”

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