“A mule will labor ten years willingly and patiently for you, for the privilege of kicking you once.”*

*William Faulkner

From Death of a Ghost (1934), by Margery Allingham:

“‘She didn’t keep these things in the studio, then?’

‘All of them?’ said Belle. ‘Oh dear, no. They were much too bulky and too precious. A boy used to fetch one lot and bring another. I remember seeing him often – such a funny little grown-up boy. I wish children never had to work…’…

… ‘Interesting,’ said the Inspector, still consulting his notes. ‘Oh, by the way, one other little thing. I asked the kid if he knew what was in the parcels. He said no, but after a while, as we got matey, I could see there was something on his mind and presently he came out with it. About three weeks ago he dropped one of those darn parcels he was taking to Mrs Potter on the Tube stairs. He didn’t like to open it to see if any damage was done, and in fear and trembling he took it on. He said he didn’t get into any trouble, as he expected to, but when he handed the thing in he noticed the green cloth was quite wet…’.”

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