“Don’t take glow worms home”


(Nhm.ac.uk): “Glow-worms belong to the family Lampyridae. The beetles in this group are commonly known as fireflies or lightning bugs. There are over 2,000 lampyrid species currently known to science.”

From: A Slender Reputation (1994), by Kathleen Hale:

“(Geoffrey Biddulph’s) main interest was economics, especially the theories of Maynard Keynes, Orage and The New Age…

Sometimes Geoffrey took me to stay with friends who rented a bungalow near Whiteleaf Cross in Buckinghamshire, which was in those days utterly rural and unspoilt. One evening we left Geoffrey behind, supposedly engrossed in his New Age journal, while we went for cider and ale at the local inn. Later, on going to bed, I was astonished and enchanted to find my dressing-table illuminated and gleaming like a candle-lit altar. Geoffrey had gone into the twilit garden and collected a pocketful of glow-worms with which he had decorated my looking-glass, brush, comb and other paraphernalia. What a charming fellow he was, and how he irritated me!”

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