Wallis Building, 65 Penfold Street, London, NW8

From Wikipedia:

“Wallis, Gilbert and Partners was a British architectural partnership responsible for the design of many Art Deco buildings in the UK in the 1920s and 1930s. It was established by Thomas Wallis (1873–1953) in 1916. Wallis had previously served with Sir Frank Baines in the Office of Works. Although the identity of Gilbert has not been established, architects who worked with them included James Warne and Harry Beken; later partners included Frederick Button, Douglas Wallis (1901–1968), Agbolahan Adesegun (1935–2008) and J. W. MacGregor (d. 1994). Notable buildings include the Hoover Factory and the Firestone Tyre Factory. The partnership was dissolved in 1945.”

From: wowhaus.co.uk:

“The factory was designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners, with the build completed in the 1930s and originally occupied by the Palmer Tyre Company. It lasted as industrial space until 2000, when the conversion of the Wallis Building into loft apartments was completed.

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