Can it be that simple? Yes…and no

Once upon a time, before psychodynamic psychotherapists had heard of COVID or online working, my client was relocating to Australia. It was the planned ending beloved of therapists everywhere, and we had reached his closing session.

As we reviewed the work we had done together, he paused suddenly in his account of how his mood had improved and stabilised over time: “But can it be that simple?”…

Sam Sloma (born 1982) is an English former footballer. (Sloma started out as a trainee with Wimbledon, where he captained their youth side, before being loaned out to Hampton & Richmond Borough.)

After a career as a professional footballer, he retired at 26 and set his sights on the next adventure. In 2016, just six years into his new career, Sam became a Chartered Financial Planner, which is widely accepted as the ‘gold standard’ of financial planning.

Sam wrote on 15th March, 2018:

“In hindsight things always seems so obvious and yet keeping it simple is so difficult for humans to do.”

If I walk a spiral path, inwards or outwards, I can look back from the centre or the periphery and see that the direct line from here to there is quite short. It’s the winding path and the exploration that enrich.

Sam Sloma on his experience of loss

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