Gas Works Bridge, Richmond TW9

Image: Lower Richmond Road, looking north across Gasworks Bridge/Manor Circus.


“Manor Circus is a roundabout on the A316 just west of Richmond town centre. The Gunnersbury-Richmond railway, carrying District line and Overground trains, runs under this junction.
The junction is called Gasworks Bridge by older local residents; Richmond’s gasworks used to occupy the site to the south of the Lower Richmond Road, now occupied by Sainsbury’s.
Despite the road here being very busy and one carriageway having three lanes, there is a Zebra Crossing across the road here.”

From: The Radical and Socialist Tradition in British Planning RPD (Reconstruction and Development Programme) From Puritan colonies to garden cities, by Duncan Bowie (2018):

“…The National Housing Reform Council had been initiated in 1900…The NHRC however soon became independent of the Land Nationalisation Society and developed a broader base of support, with its chairman, the housing reformer *William Thompson of Richmond, and its secretary, Henry Aldridge, becoming prominent in debates over housing reform.”

*Mayor of the Municipal Borough of Richmond 1908-9; responsible for the first council housing in Richmond.

John Boughton writes on his Municipal Dreams blog:

“William Thompson died suddenly, aged just 51, in May 1914. His funeral was attended by Liberal ministers Lloyd George and John Burns and Labour MP Keir Hardie. But workingmen took first place in the funeral cortege. His life – a ‘life of service’ – was memorialised by the local newspaper as:

the story of an unselfish soul which strove for the good of others; of a life shortened by often desperate work for the well-being of his fellow men…Our workmen’s dwellings, the garden city of Ruislip, houses for workers all over the country, and even abroad, stand as a memorial to his energy and devotion to the cause of others.

From: ‘Death of People’s Champion’, Thames Valley Times, 20 May 1914:

“…workmen’s wages, their hours of labour, the provision of workmen’s dwellings and allotments, the reform of the charities, better railway facilities, made up a progressive programme….launched on to the sea of public debate at the Gas Works Bridge, a spot now historic as the people’s forum…”

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